Thursday, October 4, 2007

October 4, 2007

We have a glove...almost
We have a glove...almost magnify
I am thoroughly excited! I'm managed to figure out with the help of Ann Budd's The Knitter's Handy Book of Patterns, <--click how to knit a glove.

I've figured out what makes a good beginning pattern...or tutorial type pattern.

Many pattern writers assume you know certain things that are specific to make a particular thing. For example, some writers will say, "Turn the heel". Which makes perfect sense if you've made socks and know what that means. A good tutorial type pattern will just give you line by line instructions on what to do. This is how Ann Budd's patterns are written in this book. It makes it very easy to "trust the pattern."

And that, along with four loads of laundry, grocery shopping, cooking two meals, and cleaning up afterwards, is about all I got done yesterday. Oh, I fixed the fulled slippers from yesterday. The cuts along the top of the instep to make the opening larger look fine...Gotta love fulled fabric! So easy to fix, sometimes!
Yahell! Every day this week when I've hit the "Post This Entry" button it's gone back to a blank screen for me to post an entry. If I hadn't been backing up my entries, I'd have lost every one this week. I back them up by hitting the "View HTML Source" block in the upper right of the screen the blog is written in. The copy all the gobbledy gook that's there. Then click the "View..." again and hit "Post This Entry." If it doesn't work, just go back into the HTML Source window and paste what you saved. Generally it works the second time around. You'll need to reenter your title, opening picture and tags, but hey, that's the easy part!

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