Wednesday, October 3, 2007

October 3, 2007

Cutie Booties
Cutie Booties magnify
I added a cuff to the baby sized fulled booties. I think they turned out cute. Finished up another pair yesterday that look like they might fit Eldest Grand daughter. I made the opening too small, so I'll have to cut them so she can get them on. But a blanket stitch around the edging will cover the cut edges if I don't like them.

Started a pair of gloves for 2nd Son. This yarn has been a partial glove, a partial sock, and now a glove again. All for the same kid! You'd think I didn't want to really make him anything!

I dyed 3rd Son's scarf yesterday and am very pleased with how it turned out. The fringe frayed, but it would have eventually anyway. I trimmed it again and it looks okay. Much more attractive all together than the grey and rust it was.
Micah's Scarf 3 Sep
Looks very Harry Potter in the pic, but a little less so in real life. The red really looks browner, but it's nice and soft and will be warm and that's what counts in the long run!

I've been watching an old Showtime (I think) scifi series called Jeremiah. Survivors 15 years after a virus killed everyone that had reached puberty. It's interesting, but what really captures my attention is the enormous amount of fiber work. Crocheted jackets and knitted scarves, hats, sweaters, fulled hats, etc. Lots of funky stuff.... I'll be the fiber artists that worked on that series had loads of fun!

Weather is finally turning nice. It's still warm (80s) during the day, but getting down to the high 60s at night. Don't need the cooler on till around noon....

I feel like I'm getting a handle on my Christmas knitting list. Got all the birthday gifts needed between now and Christmas eve done, and some of the smaller Christmas presents. Ideas for a lot more.

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