Wednesday, October 17, 2007

October 16, 2007

Busy Day
Busy Day magnify
These are a pair of angora wool blend mittens I made for my youngest grand daughter last year. I dyed them with Kool Aid after the fact and was quite pleased with the result.

No knitting done yesterday. Spent all day running errands. I decided to bite the bullet and use a service to do the car registration and title change. Took all of ten minutes and $28. Worth it....

However, getting the lock fixed was not a good experience. The answer was pretty much, it can't be fixed. Now if they can find the part (20 year old British import) maybe they can fix it. With the info my brother gave me, it might be awhile, if ever, before that happens. So I bought a club for the steering wheel. It'll make it difficult to steel, but won't stop the vandalism should someone want to. Until I can come up with a better idea, I guess that's the answer.

However, while buying foo-foos for the car (seat covers, steering wheel cover, etc.) I was trying to find something for an internal light. The auto store had one that plugged into the cigarette lighter. Tried it and it didn't work cuz of the on-again off-again electrical foo foos in the car. When we drove away, the speedometer and odometer worked.... Go figure....

I have been hanging out at Ravelry quite alot the last few days. At first I didn't think I'd be much interested in it as I wasn't excited about taking pictures of all my acrylic yarn (which is really the only big stash I have) and putting them up on line for everyone to see. Nor inventory my knitting needles...I mean really...why?

However the whole keeping track of projects is kinda neat. And if you put in the exact yarn and/or pattern used, it will cross reference your project with projects others have used the same yarn or pattern. There are a lot of groups on Ravelry, too, with quite a variety of similar interests in addition to the knitting and crocheting... Like a Grey's Anatomy group, and a group with interest in the autistic spectrum, the Harry Potter groups, Disney addict groups, religious groups, city groups, specific stitch 'n bitch groups, acrylic groups, exotic fiber groups, spinning groups, etc. Now the groups aren't very active, but, give them time.

Lots of designers there, too. I do like looking at all the pictures of WIPs and FOs. It's kinda fun. And my blog posts here show up over there, too. I can link specific blog posts to specific projects so if anyone's interested in the step by step info on my blog, they can see it. As I can see others', too. It's fun, but it took me awhile to realize it.

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