Monday, October 15, 2007

October 15, 2007

Around the Bend...
Around the Bend... magnify
Zach's sock 2

I finished the heels on both socks yesterday. The Mickey Mouse heel is an afterthought heel. Knitting with black sock yarn is like, well, knitting at midnight in the middle of the woods during a new moon. What a royal pain! When I work on the toes it's gonna be under a bright light! And the toes are the next thing to do. Then CO the next one! I may get to wear these to Disneyland after all AND knit another pair while there!

I got all the heel done on the WoolEase work socks for 2nd Son, too. Am past the heel decreases and back to just plain knitting! It's nice to see I'm finally getting past the block in making his birthday present!

Have a busy day today. Taking F to the hospital to be readmitted for his EEG. Have to get the lock fixed on my car and get it registered. That may take at least, oh, six hours all together! Just depends on how many people are at the DMV.... I hate the thought of it.

Oldest son came over for a visit yesterday to have dinner and bring me my birthday presents.
Goofy and what's his name

He and his dad just got back from Disneyland. By the way...only 16 more days till we are there!

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