Sunday, October 14, 2007

October 14, 2007

Clog Factory
Clog Factory magnify
Finished up my second pair of clogs! When I sat down yesterday morning, I was had just finished the sole, and by 11:00 I had them finished and fulled! That leaves one more pair to make for Christmas. Lots of other stuff to do, but just one more pair for Christmas!

The glove I was making for 2nd son went to the frog pond. I lied to myself thinking I really wanted to make a pair, when I realized I only want to know how to make a pair. Now that I do, I know I don't want to! So, sock was frogged down to the cuff, and now there is a sock in progress for same son.
Zach's sock 1

Of course you can't see it very well, but there is a pattern in the leg of this sock!!!!! Just a simple rib based pattern, but there's one there! These are the same WoolEase I've been playing with forever for this birthday present.

Went to the hospital to visit F and was pleasantly surprised they were releasing him till Monday morning. He has to go back for a continuous EEG on Monday and will be re-admitted then. I'll take him back up there before I register my car and get the lock fixed. I dread having to spend all the time at the DMV, but the local "quicky" place charges almost $30 in addition to the registration costs.

And that's pretty much what I did yesterday. Knitting broken up with a visit to F, and making dinner. Life just doesn't get more exciting than that!

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