Wednesday, October 10, 2007

October 10, 2007

Life Lines Save Clogs
Life Lines Save Clogs magnify
I finally had to resort to putting in life lines in order to get the clogs done. I must have ripped the second one out at least a dozen times. In response to previous hints about following complicated multi-sized patterns: I had highlighted and used sticky notes. I finally resorted to typing out the complicated lines (see previous post) step by step and deleting them as I accomplished them. That and life lines every time the count was correct.
Micah's Clog 2

Here they are as clown feet. So enourmous!

I managed to add a few more rows to the Mickey Mouse sock made with Rodentia from Knitivity. <--click If you all haven't visited Ray's site, please take the time. Such gorgeous yarns and remember, custom dye jobs at no extra charge!
Mickey Mouse 3

I still really need to CO the second sock!

I have another pair of clogs, womens size this time, to get done in time to ship out for Christmas. In that box will also go a set of fulled balls for my grandson. Those are a quicky job <--click as long as I have wool that's already dyed... If not we'll have to dye first and full second! BTW, these make great gifts for cats <--click and ferrets, too. You can wrap the wool around the cat toy balls with bells in them to make really neat toys.

Anyway, after I get the Christmas gifts to be shipped done, I have several things to make for family near by. Pressure!

Thanksgiving is coming for those of us in the States. Be sure you know how to dress your turkey properly.

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