Friday, October 12, 2007

October 12, 2007

Warm Tootsies & Wheels
Warm Tootsies & Wheels magnify
I finished one more of the four clogs (I know of) I need to finish for Christmas presents. I typed out the clog pattern and broke the complicated rows down into very small steps. I have the pattern showing on my computer screen and as I do each step I delete it from the document. It took me most of one days knitting to complete the clog. Much better than the three days the frog and I were taking to finish the first pair!

I also finished up another pair of slippers for the grands. This is the pre-fulling pic.
Fulled Slippers 12 Oct

I'm hoping these will be big enough for my 8 year old grand son...I'm not over optimistic, though.

I also got about 3 hours of sock knitting in. F called me early in the afternoon and needed a ride to the emergency room. He'd been having multiple seizures all morning and that isn't good. So although the reason isn't pleasant, the hours of sock knitting were nice. The blue line is where the afterthought heel will go. I have some black sock yarn and thought it would be cool to have contrasting heels and toes.
Mickey Mouse 4

My brother called last weekend and asked if I'd like a car. He had a twenty year old Sterling (British Import, top of the line for it's time, new rubber, mechanically sound) that he just didn't have room for anymore. It was hard to say no! He said he'd drive it down from Vegas in the next few days. He chose yesterday, and called me three hours away from town. Just as I was about half way to the ER with F. Consequently, I wasn't home when he arrived and Youngest Daughter had to take him to the airport immediately to catch a flight home. New-to-me car and I didn't even get to see him to thank him....

There's a few bugs with the car....some of the electrical doesn't work, like the speedometer. The heater control was snapped off at the dashboard by some yokel mechanics so, although the heater works, we can't access it at this time. The AC is stuck at one setting, but it does turn off and it works. Oh, and the doors don't lock. Well, that's not totally true. They will lock manually from inside. Which is fine if you're driving down the road. But, when it's parked, one can manually lock all the doors but the driver's. So we have to figure out a way to lock the driver's door or it's not going to be long before it's vandalized.

I'm going to contact a locksmith today to see what s/he can tell me. I'd settle, reluctantly, to a hasp and padlock if I have to. It looks really nice inside and has leather seats... nice speakers, etc. I'd really hate to have someone ruin it. So we'll see.

Other than that, just another ho hum day!

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