Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Birthday Knitting

I finished up the first of the two work socks for 2nd Son's Christmas Eve birthday present. They fit Youngest Son, so I'm assuming they'll fit the other one, too.

F worked for a couple hours on my car yesterday. We replaced all the light bulbs and checked the fuses...and still no running lights in the back. Off to U-Haul today to buy towing lights. These will have to be wired directly to the battery, but they will fix the night time driving problem. Then to an auto electronics place to see if we can get a wireless lock for the door. F did get the driver's window up all the way, and took out the fuse for that one window so that it can't accidentally be lowered and subsequently not raised again. The linkage from the lock is what's causing the problem. F's confident he can fix it (how hard can it be?). But that's better left until we get back from Disneyland.

The exciting news is that Youngest Daughter got next Tuesday off completely so we're going to drive over to Disneyland a day early. Generally we leave some time in the middle of the night so the kids are asleep for most of the trip. What's not so good about that these days is I can't drive at night any more and Youngest Daughter doesn't like to. But it cuts off one night in a hotel and when money is generally an issue.... But with the light issues with the car, and everything else, we thought daytime driving might be a better bet. So, we're leaving Tuesday morning at a decent hour in stead of at 0-dark-thirty Wednesday as we'd originally planned. We'll take our time and let the kids out to run around a bit, etc. We're excited!

Youngest Son has agreed to wear Jackyll & Hide for a bit on Halloween at Disneyland. Yeah!

Jackyll & Hide 6

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