Saturday, January 13, 2007

January 13, 2007

My best friend, F, and I decided to do a KAL. He fell in love with the Pinwheel Sweater. I'm a bit leary of the size of the project as I know it will take me forever due to loosing interest in it, but F and I spend every Friday afternoon together, so even I only work on it then, it'll get 4-6 hours a week of my time. And, I'm going to make the little one for my grand daughters to see if I really like it or not.... After looking at it, they both start out the same and seem to be identical until it's time to put the sleeves in.... And I found out that I can use the technique for an afterthought heel for the armholes as I find the instructions in the pattern really confusing.

I made some great progress on the baby sweater I'm making for GS#4. I now have the front, (verigated) back (bright red) and one sleeve (kelly green) finished. I CO on the second sleeve (yellow) and have the cuff done. One more day of knitting and all the pieces will be done. Then comes the process of teaching myself to seam. I've been seaming things all along, but have been unhappy with the results. They don't look anything like all the pics in the tutorials. So, this time I'm really going to pay attention and have my instructions at hand to practice more seaming.

I'm so proud of F. I taught him to knit in the fall to help the two hemispheres of his brain integrate after the removal of a very large tumor. I think it's helped him in that aspect, but for sure it's provided hours of relaxing, productive entertainment. He, like me, really hates to sit with empty hands. Anyway, he's taught himself to do cables, and now is working on a scarf of his own design. He'd decided his next project was a sweater and challenged me to join him. He showed me the design he picked which was a nice easy cardigan type jacket. Then I showed him the Pinwheel Sweater and that was all it took!

So, I'll start it to figure out how to do a circle from the center out and as soon as he gets his yarn, we'll start it.

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