Sunday, January 14, 2007

January 14, 2007

Double Rolled Brim Hat Patterns for Paige magnify

Double Rolled Brim Hat

As far as I know, there is no on-line pattern for this kind of hat. This is the one I made up after seeing a picture in an on-line retail store.

Supplies: 1 - 3 colors of WW yarn. Two sets of appropriate size for your yarn 16 inch circular needles

With Color A, CO a multiple of 11 sts (about 88 for a kids hat and about 99-110 for an adult) We'll go with 99 for the purpose of this pattern. Join.

Knit around for ten or so rows.

With 2nd set of needles CO 99 sts with Color B. Join and knit around for ten rows or so.

Hold the "left" needle of both circles in your left hand and with one of the right needles, knit off a st from both needles at the same time. Insert your needle as to knit in the Color A loop and then in the Color B loop. Finish knit st. You are knitting one st of Color A and one of Color B at the same time. You can do this with the yarn hanging of Color A, Color B or bring in Color C.

Knit around so that when you get to the beginning of the round you've knitted the two pieces together. Cut unused yarn(s) once you've finished the round. Weave in later.

Continue knitting around until the hat is about six inches from the bottom of the lower roll.

Decreasing rounds:

1.-*Knit 9, K2tog.* Continue * to * to the beginning of the round.

2.-Knit next row without any decreases

3.-*Knit 8, K2tog.* Continue * to * to the beginning of the round.

4.-Knit next row without any decreases

Contine pattern around decreasing one st on each odd numbered row and knitting even on the even numbered rows. Switch to DPNs or use the two circulars at the same time (see small diameter knitting) until there are ten or less sts left on the needles. Cut yarn with a 6 - 9 inch tail, weave it through the remaining sts and fasten off.

Regular Round Hat

Again, with appropriate yarn and needles, CO a multiple of 11 sts. We'll use 88 in this example.

Join the sts and knit in your favorite rib pattern (mine is K2 P1) or garter st (K 1 row, P 1 row) for ten rows or however deep you want the ribbing/edging to be.

Knit until hat measures about 5 inches.

Begin decrease rounds.

K6 sts, K2tog around

Knit a round even

K5 sts, K2tog around.

Continue as described above.

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