Thursday, January 18, 2007

January 18, 2007

Begin Again...and again....and again.... magnify

[ whine ]Does anyone know how to put pictures here in the text of the blog? Like the smiliesappear here? I've asked at the question place and they tell me how to put in the picture at the top, but no one seems to be able to tell me the html tag needed to put pics in the middle of text! I hate being able to only put in one pic a day. [ /whine ] Now back to your regular reading pleasure.

I went to visit F yesterday for a couple hours. I had to completely frog the Pinwheel Sweater I started and begin again, and again..... I couldn't get it started again. Finally after about six tries I got going again and am just about as far as I was when I discovered the original mistake.

F, on the other hand, sat there at the table, and with some difficulty managed to follow the directions on the pattern and got about 3 rounds done. As far as I'm concerned he's definitely over the hard part. Now it just requires counting accurately and knitting until it's time to do the arm holes.

My youngest son, N, 14, asked me to make him a pair of gauntlets. I was astounded. So we went through the stash and found the colors he wants, black and grey, and I'll CO them on today hopefully.

The pic is my version of the Strawberry Pie Shawl without the strawberries(detailed pic in my photos). It's recycled yarn from a shrug I'd made several years ago that just didn't do the job. It's the same pattern as the Pinwheel Sweater knitted flat. Minus sleeves, etc. That's why I was able to use the start for shawl for the pinwheel.

That will make five projects currently OTN: Strawberry Pie Shawl, Pinwheel Sweater, Grey Scarf, Log Cabin type afghan (inspired by Mason-Dixon Knitting), and the Gauntlets.

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