Wednesday, January 17, 2007

January 17, 2007

Charmed Knits magnify

Way cool new Harry Potter knitting book. Sure wish I could find out what kind of patterns are inside. But I may have to buy it just on principle.

My first knitting class was last night. First bump in the road was that half the adult students didn't bring needles or yarn . We fixed that by borrowing some from the 2nd Grade class room (Waldorf school, kids are taught knitting in the classroom.) Next hurdle was how to tie a slip knot . Then we got on to casting on. Those that were really interested in learning how to knit, did quite well and even moved on to the knit st and knitted a couple rows. Those that were obviously there out of duty or for the social aspect not so much. I really hate the "see how stupid I am, I can't even knit" attitudes....

But, everyone said they'd be back, thanked me profusely, and seemed to be enthused. The most annoying thing was the fact there were two unsupervised children there that insisted on interrupting every two or three minutes. One knew how to knit, but used a knitted CO rather than the long tail I was teaching. She had to show everyone how she did it differently. And she wanted me to give (not lend) her some of my yarn. Her little sister just kept interrupting and wanted me to give (not lend) her my yarn and my adult daughter's knitting needles. Couldn't take "No" for an answer no matter how nicely it was stated.

With all that said, it was a fun hour and I am looking forward to doing it again. However, I'm going to buy wooden dowels today and make several sets of knitting needles to take and give away. And wind more tennis ball size balls of yarn from my stash to take and give away. (Of course, Murphy being a participant in my life, all the students will show up with yarn, needles and other assorted stuff.

So, I was working on the Pinwheel sweater, and some how moved the increase over one stitch so I had to rip out about ten rows. Picking up the sts again is not easy. I did it, and then figured out I still had one more row that had to come out. Again, I did it, fixed it, started knitting and didn't mark the beginning of the round . Then I put it away to work on when I had less distraction and a rested mind. (I'm figuring sometime in the next century....)

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