Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Santa Made an Early Delivery

My dear friend, DL, bought me a new phone for Christmas! Although DL and I see each other almost every day, we still text each other alot in the evenings. This is a super duper texting phone. What even makes it super duper special is she has a brand new one, too! Hers looks like this one, and mine is burgundy. I got it all turned on, switched over from my other phone, and charged up. Then played and played with it to see all the features I could readily find. Soon I'll even read the manual to see what other cool things it does. It took awhile to get used to the placement of things on the keyboard, but, boy howdy, can one text so much faster!

Yesterday DL and I dropped off the seven hats we made for an employee at a local used book store. He requested them last week when he chatted with us while we paid for a knitting book. Today we go back to collect the cash! Christmas money!

Sock knitting has advanced. One of the scallop socks is done, the other leg started. One of the legs on my TN son's socks is finished, just waiting to be bound off.

We had a wonderful lunch at C's house yesterday. Cuban style chicken and rice with veggies, lots of coffee and pumpkin pie. Oh, and much knitting, too! C's finished off her first hat and will be heading out to get more supplies to make her hubby a pair of house socks! She's bound and determined to join us in our sock knitting frenzy! Eldest Daughter joined us for lunch and then we ran errands and everyone ended up here for leftover turkey, rice and veggies.

Found another "old" knitting friend, G, on Facebook yesterday. We've known each other since before her oldest daughter was born. Said daughter is now a mother herself. Anyway, G facilitates yet another knitting group at another coffee shop on Saturday evenings. Although I hesitate to bus it to that one, I'm trying to figure out how to add it to my knitting adventures. I'm hoping G will come for coffee Sunday at the mall bookstore along with A and DL. They'll get along well! We're all just a little different than most so understand each other better than most!


  1. Nice early Christmas present. It's so much fun (most of the time) learning all the features of a new gadget. I know you well enough to know you will master it in no time.

  2. It's such fun to read about all of your adventures out and about. Keep on having a wonderful time! :-)


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