Thursday, December 3, 2009


It's finally started staying cold around here. Especially in a house with no heat! We haven't had them come over and turn it on, but even if they did we can hardly afford to use it. We're not's just chilly in the house in the mornings. Everyone is sleeping better because of the cold, though.

Yesterday was spent doing household stuff....groceries, cleaning, rearranging furniture, laundry.... Very little knitting was accomplished! Today will be more "normal." Back to taking the bus, meeting DL for coffee and stuff like that. Like my routines!

I finished the scalloped socks for Youngest Daughter, have one of the socks done (minus toe) for son and have an inch or so of the eight inches of leg on the other one done. Won't put the toes on till he gets here to try them on. Next plan is to CO mittens for Eldest Granddaughter. I have an idea to put a little pocket in one for her bus fare. The pocket will have an opening on the outside of the mitten, but will be on the inside. That way as she holds on to her lunch box, she'll be gripping the money, too and it won't fall out on our walk to the bus stop. We'll see if it works out in reality as well as it does in my head! ;)

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