Friday, December 11, 2009

Ode to the unknown knitter

Earlier in the week I went out for coffee with Eldest Daughter and Youngest Son. We ended up at the local gently used store and I found the most beautiful hand knit sweater! The workmanship is superb, ends woven in almost invisibly, good tension throughout all the patterning. It's a zippered cardigan and fits me like a glove. Toasty warm. The zipper was sewn in by hand perfectly and can't be seen when it's closed up. Please take the time to click on the pics so you can see the patterns up close.

I don't know why it ended up in the used clothing store and was on sale for $6, but I'm certainly thrilled it was. To the unknown knitter, I don't know if this sweater was appreciated and loved by the recipient, but it certainly is now. It's totally treasured and loved. I washed it, rinsed it with hair conditioner and blocked it. It's so totally soft and snuggy. I am sure it was dry cleaned previously and if that's why it ended up on sale for me to find, how sad that the original owner didn't know how to take care of it and bring out all of it's soft warmth. Unknown knitter, know you are truly appreciated and the sweater is well loved and petted often.

DL's kids have been sick so she was housebound until yesterday. We met with BFF, F, for coffee and knitting. Enjoyed my morning walk much more than thinking about doing my morning walk. I am always trying to justify not doing it, but feel so good once I do.....


  1. What a gorgeous find!!! So happy for you.

    "Unknown Knitter"....that is one of the reasons I always put labels on my handknits. Sometimes it is a label with just a first name if it is being donated to charity to give it a human touch. Other labels have my full name or just "Grandma" if it is going to family.

    Recently saw on a blog where someone's children had outgrown their handknits (perfect condition) and she was looking for other knitters to donate them to rather than Goodwill. She felt that only another knitter would realize the value. In your case, it worked out for the best.

  2. Just beautiful. What a treasure. My mom used to knit like this with hand sewn zippers, too!

    Hair conditioner for hand-knits? Do tell. You probably already did a post on it, but I missed it.


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