Saturday, November 28, 2009


I really love knitting socks. So much so that I tend to not work on other things.... These are for my Youngest Daughter for Christmas. Again, I'm using my variation of Personal Footprints. Mine are done heel up, and yes, eventually, I write down the recipe to share. Details on these socks are on Ravelry. Since I started taking my "happy pills" I've relaxed enough I can do stitch patterns on socks without frogging more than I knit. I managed to do the entire foot pattern on these without having to frog more than a couple sts here and there. In the past, I'd frog inches of socks to try and do even the simplest stitch patterns.

Today I must discipline myself to work on the other mitten for my oldest grandson. I must get it finished and to him before he has to wait for the bus Monday morning. One would think that mittens would be just as fun as socks...after all they are just a sock with no heel and a thumb instead.... Somehow it just doesn't quite fit the bill, though....

Remember me "suggesting" you vote for Chloe and Lulu as names for the sheep stitch markers at Chicken Scratches? Well, thanks to those that did. I won! And the very specialist thing about them is they glow in the dark! I wanted them as a gift to my knitting bud for Christmas!

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