Thursday, November 26, 2009

More to be thankful for...

Things have been busy but normal lately. Lots of walking, lots of WiiFit+, lots of coffee, laughter, knits and purls with my knitting friends. I'm so very excited! My new knitting buddy belongs to a group that has just started to meet (this Sunday afternoon being the first time) at the local mall bookstore. The one that's a good walk and a short bus ride from my house. Anyway she invited me to join them on Sunday! Of course I invited my other knitting buddies so we are going to make an afternoon of it, knitting, chatting, sharing... Oh and I'm sure laughter and coffee will also be involved! The group was meeting in the evening, but that just never worked out for me or apparently some of the others! Yeah for new knitting buds!

Met Eldest Daughter for coffee in the morning. We walked some errands, caught some buses, and eventually picked up the grands from school. It was a nice day!

Finally got grandson to try on the mitten. Good thing I did...or it would have been way too long for him. So a bit of frogging on that, do the top and the mitten and it'll be finished. Then just to make the mates for the finished ones.

Socks for TN son are progressing. Only have about two inches left on the first leg. When I finish the second leg, I'll let them rest till he can try them on. Socks for Youngest Daughter are progressing, too. Finally paid attention to what I was doing, frogged back to the beginning of the lace pattern and "began agin, Finnegan". Got quite a few repeats done after dinner before bed.

Had a semi full house last night. All the regulars plus my son and my autistic grandson, K. K spent the night with us, too, and like many of us on the spectrum, doesn't sleep much (his father, of course, being the exception to that rule). I carefully and quietly came down this morning for my internet fix and K was already awake (5:00 AM) and ready for the day to start.

I'm off to my BFF, F's house early this morning to make bread and help with the cooking. We'll have a great, quiet day of which I am very thankful for. The rest of my family will be at their dad's house....lots of noise, lots of food. They will be thankful for all of that!

Go vote for the stitch marker sheep. I like Lulu and Chloe best....hint hint!

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