Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Just a quick note

I've been knitting quickly, trying to get some gifts finished. Socks for my son have the toes put on scrap yarn and the legs started. I'll have him try them on when they get here just to make sure they're long enough.

CO a pair of socks for Youngest Daughter for Christmas as well as keeping her 4.0 average this semester! Yeah for her! One foot print is done, second one CO yesterday.

Working on mittens for the grandsons...need to be tried on before I continue.

Life goes on as usual. Lots of friends, lots of coffee, lots of knitting. Can't ask for much more. We named out little knitting group "Ewe Wish" cuz "you wish you were here!" :) We have a little white sheep that sits in the center of the table during our knits, purls and coffee!

Enjoying my walks in the morning again. So glad the cold I had is gone and I can breath deeply again without coughing.

Looking forward to spending Thanksgiving with my BFF, F and his hubby. Going up to their house early to make bread and get it baked before the bird goes in. I'll probably gain five pounds just breathing in all the wonderful holiday kitchen air!

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  1. Life sounds good for you, Lizzie. I'm so happy for you. Enjoy turkey day. Those couple of pounds earned can be worked on in January.


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