Thursday, September 3, 2009

Sharing is not just for kindergarteners

"When we were children our parents and others talked about the importance of sharing. Such a simple act, but many of us have forgotten that lesson. We have to have our own “fill in the blank” and the sad part is so many of those items are used infrequently so the practice becomes extremely wasteful at a time when waste is a luxury we can ill-afford.

So what is sharing in the adult context? Sharing is re-use. Sharing is love-me-downs (formerly hand-me-downs). Sharing is one lawn mower for five or six lawns or better still neighborhood garden plots on those lawns. Re-gifting is sharing. Sharing is efficiency, conservation, simple and green all rolled into one. And sharing is not always about things–stories and joy are also good to share!

See what you can share today." -New Dream Blog

Mittnz pair #7 of my 9 is finished. Interestingly enough, this silk wool blend yarn is some that a kind knitter on-line shared with me, and now in turn I'm sharing it with a baby on the Cheyenne River Reservation to help keep his or her little fingers warm when the wind chill hits 70 below, or the family can't afford to heat their home. The BSJ model for the class I was teaching is done. I finished off the I cord bind off and crocheted the seams shut last night during class. Now it's just time to find buttons! I used almost three skeins of Merino Frappe along with odds and ends of sock yarn. It's nice and thick and will be very warm for some baby out on the plains of South Dakota.

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