Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Knittin' Mittnz

The bug has finally bitten and I'm knittin' mittnz! These are pairs 5 and 6. The first mitten of pair 7 is finished. That means at minimum two more pair before the end of the month. Last September when the bug bit, I sequestered myself in my room and made around 50 pair. Not gonna happen this year. But I will get at least my pledge of 9 pair and perhaps a few more. These are baby mitts rather than full fledged mittens with thumbs.

The BSJ is done except for the I-Cord bind off, sewing the seams, and adding the buttons. All the "knitting" is done. Tonight is class #3 of4 so I'm right on step ahead of my fastest student.

I've worked a bit on my scrap raglan cardigan (would that be a scraplan or a scraglan?) Past the sleeves, into the body with another 8-10 inches to go, I think. It's fun as I'm finding single skeins of funky stuff to put in it.

Started a pair of socks for my BFF and had to frog them as they looked way to big. Have to check the needle size and see if I'm using the same one I did for the pair he tried on for fitting purposes. They are a quick knit as he doesn't want a long leg! Yeah!!!!


  1. Well, it sure seems good to see you back with the mittzn (sp?)

  2. Nice mittens. Someone is going to have warm fingers. Renate


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