Monday, September 28, 2009

Socks Done!!!

Finished the Blue & Purple socks. Information on them on Ravelry. I'm very happy with the results. Cat Bordhi's little hint on how to make the transition from heel/foot to leg to avoid holes was fantastic. That tidbit can be found on the videos I mentioned in yesterday's post.

I started out as a true blue, cuff down, DPN sock knitter. Didn't think there was any need to do it any other way as that just work perfectly and why fix somethin' that ain't broke! Then I tried afterthought heels. Okay, they work nicely, too. Magic Loop changed my sock knitting life, and I haven't even missed my DPNs. Toe up was still too much of a hassle until I finally mastered Judy Becker's Magic Cast On. For now, toe up, Houdini Socks are my preferred way of making socks. I love the way the heel fits, how professional the toe looks and how much easier it is to fit socks to others.

My friend, A, gave me a ball of green ww wool yarn she's not fond of to make Mittnz. Didn't use it for that, so CO a pair of wool house socks last night. Although just the toe is finished, they feel warm already. They will be donated to our next blitz, Feetz.

Again, Rachel has described my life completely. Please read!

Are they not just the nicest looking couple?


  1. Love those socks! Love the Obamas!

    I sure do wish we lived closer. You could teach me how to knit socks, and we could reminisce on those heady days when we were young and foolish and thought we were neuro-typical. :-D

  2. Socks look great!

    Great pic of the Obamas. Michelle has such a great sense of style.

  3. You've been busy. I like the socks. Maybe one of these days I can get excited about Cat Bordhi's way of knittig socks. I sure like their looks. Renate

  4. Love the blue colours. Yes, they are a good looking couple. I have to say his smile makes me feel gooey.

  5. You are so right about the heel trick. It's the bomb!


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