Sunday, September 20, 2009

Knitting Done and Gone

My BFF, F recently had a birthday and I promised him a pair of hand made socks. He'd been reluctant because he just "doesn't think I can wear colored socks." So, here are his white socks ready to try on before I do the toes. His foot is the same size around as mine, but just a bit shorter. So once I get these finished I'll have his "sock recipe" so I can teach him how to make them! He, like me, is a pretty much a small project person, although both of us have done long term projects.Because I needed an "on the go" project, and because a friend was making her first pair of toe up socks, I decided to join the fun! Yipes Stripes! Details for these on Ravelry. Both socks use Judy's Magic Cast On. One has a short row heel. My first and most likely the last, and the other is a Cat Bordhi Houdini Sock. Both heels fit equally as well as they are based on the concept of "a heel is the same thing as a toe." A couple of my knitting friends don't have small project bags. I have two I purchased from a, sadly no longer in business, vendor on etsy. I knew how, in theory, to make the regular flat bottomed bag, like the yellow one here. It was just a matter of digging out the sewing machine and playing with it a bit. The one I really wanted to make was the twisted one. I had made larger versions of this for my daughters years ago and the pattern I'd used was no longer on line. So, I played with this and that and eventually figured out how to do it again. I just think it's such an interesting design which makes it no more useful than the simple one,'s unique. Both bags are fully lined and will have clips added to them so I can hook them on my purse, belt loop or whatever. So now I have two new small project bags! Keep tuned in, because I eventually may have these for sale....

I've been cleaning up my knitting corner and have frogged a few projects that are never going to get finished. Which freed up some yarn and space to CO a new project: Garter Stitch Loop-Through Scarf from 101 Designer One Skein Wonders. It's fun to do up until the 16 inches of garter stitch...but it's a good small project for watching TV or having coffee at knitting group! I have been itching to make a hat so maybe I'll get one started today....


  1. You are getting lots of great projects completed. Please send some of that knitting energy my way.

  2. Lizzie, I love your project bags. Wish I could sew that well. I don't like short row heels either. They just don't fit as well on my feet as a regular flap heel does. Renate

  3. Great socks & interesting photos. I want to try the Houdini socks one of these days, but I have to really have to be motivated. What needles are you using for you ML knitting?


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