Wednesday, August 12, 2009

..the summer of my discontent...

I have not been able to settle into a enjoyable project. Everything I start just doesn't feel good. This hat is the latest attempt at trying to find something. All this ribbing, what was I thinking?'s supposed to fit an adult. This won't even fit the 4-year-old. The pattern: Blue Hills at I used bulky yarn and I admit the needle was a bit smaller than called for, but I don't think it could make it go from a one-size-fits-all adult to a possibly two year old? Oh well...some baby on the reservation will have a warm head and neck!

This is my next attempt...and I'm liking it a bit more. It's based on this Easy Top Down Raglan. As always, I'm adding my twist to everything. I did the first inch or so in seed stitch, the switched to garter for a bit more and now am doing st st. The yarns are a conglomeration of different bulky and heavy worsted stuff I had in my stash. A little bit of this and a little bit of that. Many don't have labels at all, so I'll treat it as regular wool when washing. At this point I'm thinking once the yoke is done I'll switch to a solid color, but who knows where my mine will be at that point and even if I'll get that far.


  1. Are we rowing the same boat? Nothing satisfying with knitting for me this summer...thus, the break.

  2. Maybe the knitting discontent is a climate change thing - not much knitting going on at my house either.

    The hat is very cute, though. With the long neck it will be sure to be a great hat for a little one.


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