Saturday, August 1, 2009

Mittnz 09

The deadline of "9 in 09" is creeping up on us. So I spend my knitting time at knitting group working on my first top down mitten. I used Judy's Magic Cast On, (and interestingly enough, a new group member introduced herself yesterday, recently moving to the desert from Portland, Oregon, and is a friend of Judy Becker!) I'm using leftover Mini Mochi from my Diagon Alley Rainbow Socks.
Other than, "because I can" (and I do respect that reason) why would one knit a chair (cover)? I can only see how it would slip and slide when one seated one's butt down on it.... And it would definitely be a stash buster!

Small Change: "For instance, the authors suggest substituting one glass of water for a soft drink at each meal. Projected savings: 50,000 calories and $500 annually. Another easy change: walk to a further bus stop rather than the stop closest to my home. Projected benefit: I could walk an additional 150 miles in one year with a small adjustment in my route." -from Wise Bread. And the clich├ęs: Every little bit helps; One step at a time....


  1. Interesting. I've never thought of knitting mittens from the top down. Should try it some time. I like the yarn. Renate

  2. Do you have a pattern for mitten, top down...interesting!!! I love the colorway to the sock.


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