Tuesday, July 28, 2009

You know it's hot when.....


We got a new evaporative cooler yesterday. So, it's only 80 at 5:00 am today instead of 87... It feels a lot cooler than that, as it was 95 at 5:00 pm last night when we sat down to dinner (cold chicken salad) when the new cooler was just finally up and running. The nice thing is that it's quiet. Very quiet. In fact it was so quiet that when I was upstairs in the bathroom, I thought I heard water just barely running at a whisper, when indeed, it was the cooler itself. Of course we two high speed fans in the downstairs just to keep the air circulating, so it's far less than quiet in the house even at 5 am. There is no chugging and clanking now. It's a good thing.

In the month of July, to this point, we have had 20 out of 27 days over 100 degrees and the other seven in the 90s.
In June we had ten days over 100, 19 days at 90-99, and 1 day less than 90 degrees.
In May, 8 days over 100 degrees, 18 in the 90s, 4 in the 80s and one in the 60s.
Since the first of May: 38 days over 100 degrees, 44 days in the 90s, and 6 days at 89 or less.

It's hot here.


  1. I don't think I could deal with that much heat. Here in Vermont, it has been quite a bit cooler than usual, so much so that I dug out my wool socks.

  2. Lizzie, you don't have regular airconditioning? I could not stand this heat either. Years ago when we moved to California we stopped in Reno and it was 104 in the shade. I thought that was awful. As with Joansie's weather ours has too been below normal this summer. Some nights it gets down into the 40s even. Someplace I read it's El Nino time again and that's what is affecting the weather pattern.


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