Thursday, August 20, 2009


Some FOs and WIPs.
This is the One Day Beret I started last week. It would have been a one day project if I could count! All the modifications and info is on Ravelry. I'll need to make another one for my daughter.This is another BSJ. I am teaching a class at my LYS, starting last night, and I knitted the first section to stay one class ahead of the students. One is a very new knitter and the other an experienced knitter that just needed someone to walk her through the pattern the first time. I'm using a strand of fuzzy dk yarn and a strand of sock yarn. I think it's coming out nicely. Makes most of the bright sock yarns more "pastelly". This is my Confetti Sweater. It's a simple Top Down Raglan Cardi. I'm using bits and pieces of yarn I found in my stash. Most are heavy ww to bulky. Some boucle and chenille, too, to add texture and interest. I'm almost ready to put the sleeves on a stitch holder to continue the body of the sweater. I'm enjoying it and have found that specialty yarns are much easier to knit with than to crochet with.
We're all adjusting to the first week of school, setting schedules and all that stuff.


  1. Like the beret! What a lovely model!

  2. The beret is absolutely darling!!!

    Have fun teaching the knitting class.

    Oh yes, us more experienced knitters forget how to count (sigh)! That's how I end up in the frog pond.

  3. Nice job on the beret and good luck on the teaching gig. I have absolutely no patience for it. So kudos for you. Renate

  4. She's so cute modeling that beret!

  5. Oh that confetti sweater is wonderful. I LOVE THE Colors. School days were an adjustment each and every year for our house too.


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