Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Pots and Yarn

Knitting progresses on BSJ#2. I'm into the increases now, almost to the end of them. It's still a big sweater.... But boy, will it be snuggy warm! Should keep out those cold, cold winds on the plains of South Dakota!

Spending some time with BFF today. He's taking his car in for preventive maintenance so we'll go out for coffee and/or breakfast while the mechanic is earning his daily bread.

Tomorrow BFF and I embark on a new hobby. Well, new for me....pottery. BFF took classes several years ago and has since purchased a pottery wheel. But, with no place to fire finished products... So we are taking classes at the local Pottery Co-op. This is a brand new adventure for me. I did a bit of slab work and the infamous pinch pots in high school some, oh, 40 years ago or so, but never have used a wheel. I like clay and think this will be loads of fun. Hey, mudpies appeal to everyone at some point in their lives. They are kinda like a brand new box of Crayola Crayons and a big pile of clean, empty paper. Who can resist?

What do you think? New Dream Blog: Periods and Spaces

This is as scary as the baby Allie McBeal used to see.....

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  1. The pottery sounds like so much fun...something I should try as my new thing of the month.

    Those babies ae a little scary.

    ...the guy with the extra spaces. I find it annoying when the extra space is left out. Reminds me of a young girl who worked in my department years ago. She was still a "little high" from the nigh before and her dictation was one big blob on a piece of paper. No caps, no periods, no spaces, etc.....and this was for the executive vice president of our bank.....yikes! P.S. Also called into work and said she was coming because she had a parking ticket...lol.


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