Monday, July 6, 2009


I CO a second BSJ yesterday, although not from the yarn my LYS gave me. I wanted to try a couple modifications first before I decide if the LYS sample will be knitted as EZ wrote the pattern, or with modifications....At this point, I did a provisional cast on (green), and changed the decreases to K2tog, K1, K2tog. I started out with adding four sts to the CO number and put an I-cord edging on both of the selvages. However, that creates different looks on each edge, so frogged that and resorted to the provisional CO with the idea of, when it comes time to sew the seams, doing an I-cord bind off while picking up a st from the front to make an attractive seam that matches the I-cord bind off I'll be doing on the front and lower edges. It'll also allow either cuffs to be made or an I-cord bind off at the edge of the sleeves.

If you haven't made a BSJ, it's hard to explain where these edgings all end up, but the CO edge is the back of the yoke and runs along the back of the sleeves and neck. The selvages run across the top front of the sweater and match the CO edge to be seamed. The BO edge is around the bottom and up the fronts....See, it's worth making one just to see how it all folds up into a beautiful sweater! Not only is it fascinating to watch it fold up, but one has to wonder at the mind that could conceive the idea of it all....


  1. Looking good. I'm almost done with mine. I frogged back and took care of those rows that I didn't like.

  2. Can't wait to see the modifications. Renate


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