Monday, June 29, 2009

Where's the beef....

Avoid Beef like the plague.... What's scary is recalls of life threatening foods is voluntary. The manufacturer, JBS Swift Beef Company in this case isn't legally responsible to notify the public or follow through to pull items from the freezers of stores, homes, or institutions. What's up with that! JBS Swift Beef Company refuses to release the list of where this life threatening beef was sent, and is within their legal rights to do so.... Who needs terrorists when you have food manufacturers?
A Baby Surprise Jacket before it's folded into the jacket. More information about the BSJ. The link for the KAL is in the last post. I've received comments and e-mails asking for it, so now you know! There is a compilation of all kinds of BSJ information on Ravelry at the BSJ Wiki Page. There's a series of six videos to help with the BSJ. These are great! Make sure you have them bookmarked when you start working on your BSJ so you can refresh your memory on how to do some of the techniques as EZ wrote them. In the long run, this will help you interpret other EZ patterns.

Someone asked me where to find the pattern:

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