Sunday, June 21, 2009

Knittin' and Stuff....

In between computer issues, I have been doing some fiber work! I'm still working on the Athletic Socks for 3rd Son. He requested some shortie socks when I was visiting. The pink line is for the afterthought heel. Another extended family member is having a baby this summer. I 'm crocheting this half blanket/shawl with the idea of giving it to her. It's a kind of "have to" gift, or so I'm convincing myself. It may end up going the reservation.... (Why yes, I do have mixed feelings about giving her a gift, why do you ask?)

This is 3rd Grandson, son of 2nd Son. Had yet another computer "emergency" yesterday. With one hard drive being fried, we just unplugged it and plugged in the other really big hard drive and loaded Windows onto it. All went well, but the big hard drive was partitioned and everything was being loaded into the tiny area of it.

In a very brave move on my part, I downloaded a free program, EASEUS, and moved the partition! Then reinstalled everything I'd downloaded earlier and it works very well. Whew! I'm also going to be more strict with myself in uploading pictures to Photobucket.

I need a good program for editing photos offline. Any ideas?

President Obama Speaks About Fatherhood from White House on Vimeo.


  1. I edit my photos with Picassa, free from Google. I'm not a very sophisticated photographer, so it is all I need.

  2. I use Corel's Paint Shop Pro Photo X2
    Got it for half price in a lucky Amazon lightning deal.

    At first I thought it was a bit complicated, but I finally got it. It has some easy auto functions (my kind of button to click!), and it also has more advanced functions.

    It also comes with an actual manual, not the e kind.

    Great job on getting rid of that partition on the hard drive! Sometimes we self educated techies have to take that leap of faith!

  3. Hi Lizzy, you won the skein of Regia on my blog!!! So, if you could mail me with your adres, then I'll send it to you!

    Jenneke a.k.a.

  4. You need to tell me about the baby blanket recipient. Why do we feel obliged to gift someone who will not be appreciative? Probably to keep peace..sigh!

    The blanket is beautiful!


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