Friday, June 19, 2009

Computer Update

Somehow, over night my hard drive was completely corrupted or erased. BFF was able to reload Windows onto another hard drive and everything is up and running, except it's not the same... and everything I had on my computer is lost. Annoying but not devastating.

I can't get the window in my browser to fit on the screen. All the text is just a bit too big. The "View" option on the tool bar doesn't help. I really hate when, too view a page I have to use the nav bar at the bottom. My tool bars are just a bit higher than they were so I have less page to look at....

Nothing I can't live with...just it's not the same. However, I'm super thankful to have a computer at all. For awhile there it looked like junk was all I had sitting on my desk.

I'm grateful, too that the wireless wasn't affected and that the Wii has internet capabilities.


  1. So glad you are able to see all the positive with this computer situation.

  2. Liz, have a look at the lower right hand corner of the screen. Does it say 100%? If the % is higher then you can change it there. I think Microsoft updated things and the screen is no longer the same as it was. Renate


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