Sunday, May 24, 2009

Startitis Strikes Again

These are just some socks for my grandson in TN who I'll be visiting in a week. Left over sock yarn dyed with Kool Aid. Size 2 needles, CO 48 sts. They might be a little big for immediate use, but better too big than too small!

I'm off today to house sit for my BFF. I thought it was going to be four days of no one bothering me, but tomorrow night I have to keep the car, and get my daughter to work by 6 AM on Tuesday morning, get granddaughter to school by 8:30 AM and then pick everyone up again.... Plus I have to be back up at BFF's house to let out his dog every four to five hours.... So much for my pre-vacation vacation.

I had a visit with my ex-medical person this past week. Expecting (first mistake) some kudos for my complete medical turnaround, I was disappointed. My blood sugar (A1c) has gone from 11.5 (borderline stroke) in early February to 6.1% on May 7th. “The American Diabetes Association A1c goal is 7% or less. The American Association of Clinical Endocrinologists AACE goal is 6.5% or less.” I've lost almost 40 lbs since early February, too. Said medical person (not a doctor, just a PA) doesn’t particularly like me (understatement) and was sure I’d fail. It was gratifying to see the look of astonishment on her face and her inability to do more than babel for at least 15 seconds. I know she was trying to figure out how I could have cheated on the blood test and scale reading. She insisted I had to have the A1c blood test on May 4th, yet she'd hadn't bothered to order that particular test. The Nutritionist I saw previous to my visit with PA realized this and ordered the A1c on May 7th. When the PA saw this, she immediately got on the phone and was trying to find out who had ordered the A1c Test. Now, seriously, if she really was concerned about my health, why deliberately NOT order the necessary lab work?

She was very rude, and refused to give me information about medications. She would answer me, but not be helpful. Since then I've called the VA, had them assign me not only a new doctor, but a new clinic about 30 miles from the old one. Fortunately, the Diabetes nurse I've been communicating with was very helpful and supportive as was the Nutritionist. And people wonder why I hate going to the doctor....


  1. That stupid PA should realize that it makes her look good if her patients are able to take her advice and improve their health.

  2. What an A**!!
    Congratulations on lowering your A1C & on your weight loss! You have been working hard to improve your health and that is to be heartily commended - Good for you!
    Instead, you got crap from a [HA!] supposed medical professional. I'm glad you took steps to get away from this toxic person. Best of luck to you with your new medical team. Honestly, I just came here to look at socks, but I felt compelled to respond - You go,girl!


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