Monday, April 27, 2009


My DIL's sister is having a baby this June. She asked for warm bed socks to wear at the hospital. Said, "The wilder the better!" They are finished. Two strands of acrylic for the legs and a strand of wool and acrylic for the feets. Should be plenty warm and hold up to a lot of wear. Certainly were a stash buster!

Had a very enjoyable weekend. Went out to Old Tucson on Saturday night with my BFF and his hubby. I hadn't been there in many many years so it was nice to see, despite a huge fire many years ago, not much has changed. We rode the train through the desert just a sundown which was very picturesque. The highlight of my evening was being able to get on and off the carousel horse with ease. Having tried that almost a year ago at Disneyland and struggling with it all, I feel confident I can not make a fool of myself if son and DIL in TN decide we're going horseback riding while we are there visiting!

Yesterday was aforementioned hubby's chorus concert. It was a hysterical risque poke at everyone entitled Make 'Em Laugh. I'm pretty much a prude and I never laughed so hard in my life!I had an old project sitting around...a pair of socks that just didn't fit. Foot too short and too big around. So I frogged the one finished sock back to the leg last night, and worked on the second sock to finish the leg. Now I'll figure out how many sts to decrease and finish them. They've been patiently waiting since last March...that is March 2008!


  1. Love those wild socks! My sister just asked me for some new socks as she wore out her favorites I made her last year.
    I'm really liking your idea here :)

  2. Those socks will be much nicer than the hospital-issued ones that everyone seems to have.

    So glad you had a nice weekend! You deserve it!

  3. Those hospital socks are gret! She will have a few conversations about those! ;)

    Those confetti socks: am I remembering right? Did you dye the yarn for those?


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