Tuesday, March 3, 2009

"Slow down, ya move to fast...

got to make the morning last." Do less, do it well! "You could argue that the world is changing and that people no longer expect to receive anyone’s full attention. But even if that is true – and I hope it’s not – then we should be worried about how that change affects our understanding of what is being said to us....What brain scan research is teaching us about multitasking is that it doesn’t work: that the human brain cannot process two streams of information at the same time, and that attempting to do so is a recipe for confusion, inefficiency and errors." -Carl Honore This must be why brain dead knitting is so popular for those of us that "knit and ___________ at the same time." Not all of what we do requires our full attention. So knitting endless rounds of a vanilla sock and _________ is doable and we can retain much of _____________.

I've been working on the Mitered Scarf KAL. Wow! It's really very easy and makes you feel like you've accomplished alot each time one module is finished. Instead of staying up and saying, "On more row," I was chanting, "One more square!" Pics soon!

Drink only water. No soda, no juice, no coffee (wait, now, that's just plain un-American!), no shakes... I'm pretty much doing this except for the coffee (cut down from two to one cups most days), and sometimes green tea. I'm drinking at least ten glass of water a day. Care to take the pledge? I generally don't drink bottled water, but we do by, at 5 gallons at time, filtered water for $.15/gal. Tastes so much better than tap water, which means we'll drink more of it.


  1. I love the cartoon.

    I'm working on increasing my water intake as well. I feel so much better when I do, so it's ridiculous that I have to force myself to do it.

  2. I doubt I drink 10 glasses a day, but I do drink water all day long; there's always a cup next to me. One cup of caf, one (sometimes two) of decaf, and frequently a glass of red wine before dinner.

    Close enough. I haven't touched carbonated drinks or juices in years.


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