Saturday, January 24, 2009

Sweater & Mitten

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The Baby Sweater is basically done.
I need to buy some gross grain ribbon and snaps for closures and that's that! It's a new born size and I thought I'd overdye it, but it kinda looks cute as a jacket. It's based on a pattern in Family Circle's Easy Knits for Kids.Joansie asked me make a mitten....something she's trying out. I alternated working on the sweater and the mitten yesterday and got past the afterthought thumb and almost to the point of beginning the decreases.What a way cool scarf! Imagine in it one of the Noro Colorways.

I sometimes feel guilty about the amount of yarn I have. Much of it is acrylic I've been gifted with for my charity knitting. And I have several, maybe ten, skeins of sock yarn. I refrain from buying more until I get this knitted up. (And I really do want some of the new Crystal Palace Mini Mochi!) I have difficulty understanding this kind of shopping, "What was worse is that all the yarn I found [eleven skeins] was sock yarn. Assuming I knit socks out of every skein of sock yarn I currently own (even the skeins I bought to make non-sock projects) I have 54 pairs of socks waiting to be made. Considering the fact that I seem to knit socks at a rate of maybe 10 per year…well you can see I sure as hell don’t need more sock yarn since I could knit socks for the next 5 years and still have some in stash." Lesson to be learned:
  • Just because one sees a skein of yarn, one doesn't have to buy it.
  • There will be more just as beautiful, if not more beautiful skeins of yarn left in the world to purchase once the skein one has at home is knitted up.
Crochet The President! And more good stuff!Knitting Graffiti.Knitting on the Campaign Trail!

We got a new camera! I ran across a good deal on this one at Amazon. It's a refurbished Cannon Powershot E1. I have a new toy to learn how to use today!
Keeping the "We" in "Yes, We Can!"

Drastic Frugality. When there is more month than money.

Five simple steps to decluttering.

Frugal Cooking Tips.

When will excessive spending by big corporates become politically incorrect?

Tire inflation. Republicans may think President Obama naive, but if it works....

Home made cleaning products. Good for your budget, good for the earth, good for your health. "According to a study at Virginia Tech, spraying hydrogen peroxide and vinegar right after one another is just as effective at killing germs as lung-irritating, stream-polluting chlorine bleach."

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  1. The sweater is adorable and the mitten looks great. I'll send an e-mail about it to answer your question.

    Enjoyed the frugality tips. I used to mix one qt. of powered milk with 1 qt. of regular milk (or skim), put in a glass bottle and let it get real cold. You can't tell the difference. Plastic jug just is not the same.


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