Thursday, January 29, 2009

Socks and Mittens Are Done!

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Joansie's Mittens are finished! Once washed and blocked, they'll go into the box of hand knits for the Native Americans at Cheyenne River.And these toddler house socks will go the same way! I used the Magic 28 pattern for these. It's a nice little pattern than will accommodate any size yarn and still fit someone. These are done with acrylic yarn to insure long life. I have a pair of child's slippers OTN right now for my upstairs project.

Still working on the Houdini Socks. Ready to pick up the sts preceding the yarn cut to make the opening for the leg.

Keeping the "We" in "Yes, We Can!"

How to make a rainbow cake!
A few years ago I made pillowcases for everyone for Christmas. It really was easy and fun to do.


  1. I declare, Lizzie, you have posted another pattern link that I can really use! Thanks! Your socks and mittens look great!

  2. The mittens look terrific, Lizzie. And......I love those socks! They must really love you at that reservation as you have done so much for them.

  3. Great knits .. Yep, we need to keep the "we" in yes we can.


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