Thursday, December 4, 2008


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Amanda's Shawlette 7
Not much to see...same as last time. However, progress has been made. All the loose ends have been woven in, so it's much pretty to work on. And I've switched to just one color of yarn so there will be no more, relatively speaking, loose ends to weave in! I think I also figured out why I wasn't enjoying working on this. The yarns are wool and mohair and are slippery. My Boye circulars are metal and the stitches were just too slippery. I switched to my Denise needles, which grabs the yarn just a bit more. So far, so good. This will be my only project until it's done. It needs to get in the mail in less than two weeks!

Still learning the ins and outs of this computer. I generally use Firefox as my browser. However, I just discovered that my local library web page no longer responds when I click on a button. I have a neat add-0n on my Firefox which will open a tab in Internet Explorer. If I do that, I can use the library's web page.... weird. Hopefully Youngest Son will be able to help me figure this inconvenience out. Isn't it funny how our machines can get us to jump through loops to do what we want to do?

Keeping the "We" in "Yes, We Can!"

Awhile ago, I suggested you all watch Bill Nye the Science Guy in his new show, Stuff Happens. I have had to give up watching it.... I've discovered, barring giving up everything, going green is very expensive. The episode I started to watch last night was about eating breakfast.

I like bacon. Pigs eat anchovies. Penguins and sea birds in South America are starving because the fisherman catch the anchovies and ship them to North American pigs so I can have bacon for breakfast. Coffee is a whole 'nother story and to buy the coffee that doesn't exploit people or the environment I'd have to give up the cost of my cable TV and internet connection. I quit watching when we got to the way the hens that give us eggs are treated. And don't drink anything but hand squoozed or fresh squoozed OJ. No more frozen concentrate.

Who knew goin' green doesn't sit well with spending less....


  1. The shawlette is just soooo pretty! I love the colours!

  2. It's looking great. I'm 2/3 done with mine and hope to finish it over the weekend. Thanks for sharing the link to this free pattern.


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