Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Electronic Woes

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Went to the LYS yesterday to see if I could find related yarns to be able to work on the Shawlette. I did. So it'll be half one color pattern and half another, but those people that seem to know about those things (I have no fashion sense at all) tell me it will be gorgeous when done. Pictures soon.

I forgot to tell you the other computer/internet related thing that happened yesterday. I woke up to find,when I logged on a note from Cox: Your internet service has temporarily been interrupted. Please call 000-000-0000 for more information. Of course, they don't open till 8:00 am and I get up around 4:00 am so I have quiet time at the computer.

I got some knitting done, while watching the A&E Actor's Studio interview with Daniel Radcliffe.

When I finally got through to someone, he told me someone was downloading pornographic material on my computer. Now the only illegal ponography is child ponography. I was livid cuz I knew better. No one was. However, I was getting the new computer from BFF and it had more security than God ever intended any computer to have, so I said I'd call back once it was up and running. (The guy who tried to tell me we had indeed downloaded porno was very, very, rude and yukky. I hope that call was being recorded and he's looking for a new job today.)

A whole, well, okay, most of the day with no internet. It was very hard to survive.

As it turned out, someone in the world had put the movie, ZacK and Miri Make a Porno out illegally on the internet. Several months ago, on his dad's internet connection several miles from my house, Youngest Son had downloaded an interview about a game named Zack and Wikki. So, Cox was snooping through his computer late Monday night, (scary huh?) found a file that started with Zack and turned off our internet. No porno, no movie, nothing illegal at all. We found it, deleted the interview, and Cox kindly turned my internet back on and helped me configure my "new" computer to my account and I had internet.

Technology...can't live with it and, OMG, certainly can't live without it any more.

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  1. Gee, that is troublesome. Cox needs to be more careful. Last evening I had a message on my computer that someone was trying to hack in using Active X....geesh, can't these people just get a life!


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