Thursday, December 18, 2008

Nothin' to Say

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I may be frogging my sweater....the burgundy one I started for myself. I think I just fell in love!

I got some knitting done on the French Market Bag...still not worth a picture.

Spent the day Christmas shopping with BFF, F. Really had fun, and although the traffic picked up in mid afternoon, the stores were basically empty, we never stood in line to check out....even the grocery store was pretty empty. I think the economy has hit everyone.

Got some neat presents from F yesterday. He bought a new Mac computer and his old keyboard, an ergonomic one that we both love, wasn't compatible. So I got a "new" keyboard. Same as the one I had except it's newer and cleaner! The old one goes into the closet with the old tower and as soon as we find a monitor, Eldest Granddaughter has her own computer!

And a "new" TV. One they had hangin' around they don't use, so now I use it. The one in my room went to Youngest Son to replace his broken one. Oh, and it's bigger. The biggest TV I've ever had!

Plans are to make bourbon balls today. My dad used to make them every year and I always said I was gonna....this year I am! They'll be good for New Year's Eve!

Oh, and another wonderful thing hit my world! A local opera group is performing Amahl and the Night Visitors this weekend. My dad and I used to watch this every year on the Hallmark Hall of Fame. I've not seen it in many years. So I asked my BFF's hubby if he'd like to go with me. He, Eldest Granddaughter and I are going on Saturday night! BFF hates opera....

Keeping the "We" in "Yes, We Can!"

Eco Christmas Wrapping.


  1. Lots of good things happening to you. That's fantastic! You deserve it.

  2. Loved Amused --great pattern. Lots of thing s coming your way -- isn't that great when that happens!


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