Wednesday, December 17, 2008

All that is left is dyeing

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Despite another foray out into the retail world for additional supplies, I finished up the mittens last night. They are soaking and getting ready to dye as "we speak." The spinning/fiber store didn't have any dye the color I wanted, so I'm going to combine "the" color and black to make it darker.... The Dye Lady at the store assured me it would work.... Yeah, well, I guess I got heavy handed with the black. Wet, the mittens are BLACK. We'll see if they are a little less intense when dry. Well, any guesses what color they were supposed to be?Do y'all read Franklin's Blog? If not, you're missing some funny stuff!
Keeping the "We" in "Yes, We Can!"

Tips on staying warm when you're outside. A few more ideas. Safely staying warm. These tips even suggest wool socks...who'd thunk?!


  1. Lizzie, do you add anything to the dye mix so that the colors don't run in the wash, etc.? I purchased and knitted hand-painted yarn awhile back and the colors ran when I washed the socks.

  2. Really nice mittens, even black. I haven't tried knitting mittens, but I plan to soon.


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