Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Hot Coffee

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Cup Cozy is finished and I do believe it is working! Coffee is down to halfway mark in the cup and is still warm. Not hot, but warm. I'm betting if I fill the cup with hot water before the coffee that will be enough to keep it warm!

I'm thinking of stew for dinner tonight...but Youngest Son is supposed to cook so we'll see.

Twenty six years and ten hours ago, I was in recovery after the birth of my fourth child. Yes, I have a Christmas Eve baby. Vintage Knitting Book online from the Project Gutenberg. Various sweaters, a knitted knee cap, pulse warmers, scarves, simple vests in one piece, socks, helmet liners, wristlets (muffatees), tube socks, children's leggings, and a variety of crocheted items, too. Check out the very end for an offer of free yarn....Another cute ornament. This one is from spoonsnspools.

Keeping the "We" in "Yes, We Can!"

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  1. The cup warmer came out looking very nice. That is one of the things I didn't get to this year as gifts for co-workers....but next year!


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