Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Nothing to show....

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Knitting is knitting...lots of stitches done (about an inch of knitting), not much to show. I finally had to put several of my Boye interchangeable cords together to get a long enough cord.

Youngest Son thought his monitor broke, so we went to buy a used one. As it turned out, it wasn't his monitor but it was his graphic card. So, the monitor has to go back today and his dad will have to help him with the graphic card.

Then I decided I'd spring for a late birthday present and take my daughter to see Twilight. It was a really good movie. I haven't read the books, but guess I'll have to now.

Daniel Radcliff, aka Harry Potter, is being interviewed on The Actor's Studio.

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Keeping the "We" in "Yes, We Can!"

Make Something Day, November 28, 2008
Buy Nothing Christmas has some really great ideas for putting yourself instead of your money into gifts. And Kivy at Zimmermania has some similar advice!

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