Wednesday, October 29, 2008

More Waffles!

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I finished up the Mixed Berry Waffles for Youngest Grandson. They are drying as we "speak" and will get mailed off to him today. I then CO another pair, somewhat bigger as house socks for Eldest Grandson. Although it's hard to see in this pic, (click the pic to enlarge) I extended the stitch design down the front and down the heel. I did the sole in reverse st st to make them more comfortable around the house. Second sock was dutifully CO, cuff done and am ready to divide for heel flap. These are made from Red Heart Super Saver.Lookie what I won! Four skeins (@500 yards) of Mister Joe from Barbara Bretton over at Romancing the Yarn. Can't wait to see what it tells me it wants to be!

Jean says, "The radio says that there is snow in London today, the first time for such an event in October since 1934." The weather is changing....

Ideas for Holiday Shopping from Jamie Sue:

1. Can I make it? If you can then do it. You will enjoy the sense of accomplishment you get from meeting your own needs.

2. If I can't make it can I buy it from someone else who can? Buying handmade items from local craftsman is a GREAT way to not only expose yourself to a wider range of unique, quality products (no one ever admires a press board bookshelf from a big box store, but they will notice your handmade quilt or hand woven rug) but it is an excellent way to strengthen your local economy.

3. I can't find or afford the handmade version of the item I want. Can I buy it used? Buying used isn't just about being cheap, it helps the environment, supports the local economy, and allows you to purchase quality goods far below retail price. Instead of a 50$ flat pack dresser from Ikea that will survive a year or two invest check,, garage and yard sales, and thrift stores for a peice of real wooden furniture that will last ten years or more. Patience is a virtue and it will reward you with better goods at cheaper prices.

4. I can't find it used either! Now what do I do??? Now you can go shopping. Research the product you are shopping for and find the version that offers the highest quality within your price range. Visit local owned and operated businesses FIRST. If that fails then you can hit a national chain store.

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  1. Isn't this pattern fun!!!Socks look great. You are getting quite a few pairs completed in short order!!


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