Thursday, October 16, 2008

In the mail...

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Socks are finished, washed, blocked and in the mail! They will get to Tennessee in time for his birthday on Sunday!

I finished one more panel on the Shawlette, too. If I continue with one a day, it'll be done by Christmas mailing time.

I cast on this Neckwarmer. I think I'm just about done with the ribbing. Can't decide if I should add the extra warmth with a folded collar or not. It's for the same son I made the socks for. He works in a factory and it's cold....but the average winter temperature is in the 40s or so...
Oh, and we have a stove again! They finally delivered one right before it was time to start cooking dinner on Tuesday!

Isn't this Child's Placket Neck Pullover pretty? I may have to make one of these for another of my ungrateful kin. Or I could donate it.... "Dear Ungrateful Kin's Parent(s): I knitted this sweater in your child's name donated it to the cold Native American children in central South Dakota. Enjoy." Morrighana just made one of these sweaters. She has family that requests her knitting. How unique!

Those are some serious fires out in CA!


  1. The socks look super! Glad you have a stove horrible to be without!

  2. The socks look fantastic! I love the colourway. They look so cozy!
    Thanks for linking to my blog. It's nice to find other knit bloggers that stop by to visit me. :D
    And yeah, those CA fires look terrible! I feel for anyone living in that area.

  3. Ok, I'm reading this at work and I can't help but smile because what I like most about you is that you tell it like eit is. Ungrateful relatives..well, I have a few of those.

    The socks look great!


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