Friday, October 31, 2008

House Socks

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Finished up the Red Berry Waffle house socks. Then I found my crib sheet on my grandsons' shoe sizes...What I thought was my Eldest Grandson's measurements, are actually his little brother's. So, now I must make a bigger pair of socks to send to that family.
What I thought would fit above mentioned Little Brother, will go to an even younger grandson. So once I have SS finished on the grey ones, yet more must be CO!


  1. Socks are sweet...especially the pink ones! Will have to watch the video from home and comment later.

  2. Great socks! I also forget, or neglect, to check my notes and am always sorry later. Good luck with the next pair.

    My word to verify is "porka" - do you think Blogger is trying to tell me something?!?


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