Thursday, September 25, 2008

Sweaters, Books, and Ghosts

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Another progress shot! Three and a half inches and the first sleeve is done. If things keep moving like this I should have the sweater done a couple of weeks before the birthday.

Remember all those mittnz I knitted? Well they got mailed off this week...60 pair of hand knits and 21 pair of purchased Magic Gloves. A good showing if I say so myself! It appears we are not doing an organized blitz for Hatz, but I have several of those already finished to be mailed out later this year. Blanketz and Squarz are being made my many members of Native American Support. I've got seven baby blankets ready for that mailing in February. So I feel guilt free in turning my knitting towards holiday gifts. Not making as much this year as I usually do. I'm stumped for projects for the Hawaii family members. Need to make some work socks for my son in Tennessee.... Just hard to get in the mood when the temps are still in the 90s every day here.

I found a new nearby LYS today. Grandma's Spinning Wheel. Although it is very limited in it's yarn choices, (Crystal Palace only) there are lots of fun things for spinners. Atmosphere is the friendliest in town, except for the one LYS waaaaaaaaaaay on the other side of town. Haven't been there as I haven't been able to justify the gas expense to go "just to snoop." Grandma's Spinning Wheel has an afternoon set aside each week for a free Stitch 'n' Bitch, and she offers free beginning knitting and crocheting classes! I've always thought that was a smart move to get fiber people into a store.

I'm reading the second Mary Kruger Knitting Mystery--Although it's following a bit closely on the same formula the first one established (unpopular fiber person gets murdered, heroine finds the body and teams up with the detective to solve the murder) it's still kinda fun to read. She depicts non-fiber people well.... Not understanding why one suspect would leave the fiber merchants area at the county fair to go into town to visit the LYS. "There is yarn here. Why would you need to go to a yarn store?" Silly Muggles.

In pagan lore, Halloween, All Hallow's Eve, or Samhain (pronounced SOW-en) is the time of the year when the curtain between the two worlds is the thinest. IOW, it's the time for ghost sightings, strange unexplainables. So far, two blogs have weird things, KnitWitch has photos of orbs and strange lights, Melody's son moved out of his room due to ghosts. Wonder if we'll here more stories as we get closer to the end of October.

Take a nice stroll through the monastary and the woods with Amber. Need a pattern for gloves using fingering weight yarn? Kathleen's got a nice one!


  1. WoW! That's a lot of mittz (sp?) Congrats! You deserve an award or something.

  2. Your blog is always so much fun to read & to look at. Never know what you're going to post about. You always seem to come up with something new to catch & delight the eyes! I love the yellow blinking "free" signs. LOL! That's so cool!

    Great job on all that knitting, too!


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