Sunday, September 21, 2008

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Jolly Roger got frogged. I finished the back and (1) It was way too big for my grandson, in both length and width, (2) when examining the front I found several errors that had slipped past me last February when I was working on it, and (3) I really didn't like it.

So I started this one. I'm using bits and bobs of left over yarn for the front. I have five different yarns going, two hanging off one side and three off the other. Each time I finish a row, I grab the one hanging lowest off the side and work back with it. It keeps the colors from really forming a pattern. The back and sleeves will probably be a solid color, but who knows for sure!
Died in the Wool (Knitting Mystery, Book 1) Died in the Wool by Mary Kruger

rating: 4 of 5 stars
This is probably one of the best cozy "themed" mysteries I've read, with Susan Wittig Albert's China Bayles at the top of the list. The characters were believable and likeable, (although why there is always a crappy ex in these books I don't know) and the story kept moving along.

However, I think I've read too many of them cuz it's too easy for me to pick out the murderer. I like pondering it throughout the book, but it really is like finding your Christmas presents in October...really ruins the surprise.

Yarn shop owner Ariadne unlocks the store early one morning to find the local unloved-by-all knitter strangled with some gorgeous handspun yarn. The normal questions issue forth: Why was Edith murdered? By whom? Why here? and was she really the intended victim?

Ariadne and the newest transported detective in the little town of Freeport join forces to find the answers. Clues come forward regularly suggesting different culprits each time.

It did get really preachy about copy right violations and implied that most free patterns on the Internet are stolen and that there is something inherently wrong with designers, both amateur and professional, that give free patterns away. Being one of those that rely on free patterns to support my was a bit preachy.

I will definitely, though, read the next in the series Knit Fast, Die Young.

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  1. Neat sweater. I was eye-balling that pattern, too. I think that it's neat that you're creating your own "camouflage" yarn. What a wonderful way to use up left-overs.


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