Thursday, September 11, 2008

Blanket Blitz

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Native American Support is finishing up the Mittnz blitz. Next we are working on blankets. The first two pics are Log Cabin blankets finished by a group of us. Each of us has been adding a section and mailing on. I finished the top two this week, adding sections and crocheted edgings.

This blanket is one crocheted by Youngest Daughter at work. She works nights and has lots of spare time. It is called a Diagonal Box Stitch and makes a very attractive blanket that seems to grow on it's own.

I've been downloading our over 200 pictures from the trip. My computer/program can only handle about a dozen at a time, so it's taking awhile. Here's one of Rafiki and me at Sunday morning breakfast!

Basic Mitred Squares instructions.
Very easy, very pretty baby sweater.
Franklin has published a re-write of an 1840's nightcap. Like the ones you see in period movies of Oliver Twist and such. I understand the need for a nightcap in the unheated era of the 1800s-and earlier-eras. They make perfect sense for our times, too, with heating energy being way too expensive and thermostats that get turned waaaaaaaaay down at night. What I'm not sure of is how one keeps them on?

I'm a tea drinker, and even have a very pretty china tea set, which I never use because a coffee cup in the microwave is fine with me, thank you very much. I love tea cozies, like this Autumn Tea Cozy. I'm thinking I need to learn how to make tea in a pot, so I can use a tea cozy. Both my granddaughters like to drink tea with me.... So, do you have any good hints on making tea? Any good tea cozy patterns?

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