Saturday, August 9, 2008

They are done!

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They are done, washed and blocked! They fit perfectly and I'm happy with them!
Pattern: Universal Sock Pattern, 64 st CO
Yarn: Red Heart Heart & Sole; Razzle Dazzle and Tequila Sunrise
CO: Aug 4, 2008 - BO: Aug 8, 2008
-I had one skein of each yarn so I alternated in five round stripes. The two colorways go well together.
-I used Dawn Brocco's six point star toe.

I picked up Dobby Socks III and worked on the heel flap last night. I'm hoping to get these done before I CO something else.

DIL sent me some pics. This is my youngest grandson, just over 2 1/2 years.

This is my TN based family--3rd son, DIL, and youngest grandson.

Went out to lunch with my BFF, F, and his hubby B yesterday. Then a trip up to their new house to see how the unpacking was going. Still have work to do, pictures to hang, some more boxes to unload, but it's looking good.

That's all that's exciting in my world. Knitting, listening to book du jour (Monday Mourning by Kathy Reichs) and knitting. I did take a break and read some of The Calling. It's really good. I'd love to know who the writer is. "Inger Ash Wolfe is the pseudonym for a North American literary novelist."


  1. Well, I'm impressed. Will have to get some of that yarn.

  2. Great pics! These are my favorite socks that you have knitted thus far.

  3. What a cute grandson :o) I tink those socks are beautiful. Never imagined how well the yarn would together when you first showed us.


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