Tuesday, August 12, 2008


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*Stash Enhancement EXperience...big time! I got a big box of yarn in the mail yesterday from my mother and sister!

This first batch I'm sure was mostly destined to become an afghan like this. Not sure why mom changed her mind. She had an afghan like this many years ago when she lived in here in the desert. I've tried several times to make one but just never could get it right.This was to be a baby afghan as you cans see from what Mom has done so far. I passed this on to Youngest Daughter as she does far more crochet than I do and is far more adventurous in her work, like my mom. I'm a real "meat and potatoes" type of crocheter.
This is the bag my sister sent for mittnz and such. The shrug went to the frog pond. The white and purple was just too much of a contrast and I like the variations in the purple so over dyeing was just not a good thing. So I made a trip to the LYS to see what I could find to use along with what I had.A purple skein of Cascade 220 and a skein of Kid Seta, a mohair silk blend, did the trick. I am now doing two rows of each set and they compliment each other very well. This time it's just a simple drop stitch pattern for the sleeves and maybe something more adventerous for the back.

Look at these very cute baby mittens that go with this very cute baby hat!


  1. Lizzie, I'm excited for you that you got all that yarn from your mother and your sister. More important than the yarn was the thought.

  2. What a treat! How thoughtful of your mom and sister!!

  3. What a great mail day! All that wonderful yarn will be put to good use.
    I have one of those afghans. Grandma made it years ago and I confiscated it. Actually, my DGD uses it in the car when she gets too cold. It is HER afghan. lol

  4. What a lovely parcel for you to open :o) Your Mom and you sister rock ;)

  5. I am jealous of your stash enhancement. Who in your family has Aspergers if you don't mind my asking. My son was just diagnosed earlier this summer and I am so relieved to finally be getting him the help I knew he needed but couldn't get anyone to give.

  6. My mom made baby afghans like that for my children. I still have the pattern for the larger afghan somewhere.

  7. Nice enhancement, not to mention your choices for enhancing the gifted yarn with the LYS additions. Now . . . what will you do with them? 8^)
    You have been tagged (I didn't use permanent ink!) so check out my blog to see the rules. We want to know ALL about you.


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